About Ius Laboris

Ideally positioned to assist multinationals

Clients of Ius Laboris member firms are assured access to the services of leading law firms in each country. All member firms are rated among the top firms by leading legal directories.
Clients can also benefit from a permanent exchange of information and knowledge between member firms. Through the Ius Laboris working groups, the lawyers are constantly improving their international skills. They share their knowledge with clients through publications, newsletters, newsflashes, seminars and internal training.

More than just a network of references

Ius Laboris lawyers are in regular contact with each other. They work together on client projects and meet at conferences and training sessions. This means that the alliance can respond quickly to clients' requirements.

Grâce à Ius Laboris, nos clients bénéficient :

  • d’une assistance en droit du travail, pensions et fiscalité dans tous les pays où ils effectuent des opérations
  • d’une approche coordonnée par des cabinets de pointe
  • d’un service international cohérent et d’excellente qualité
  • d’un service international à prix compétitif