Labour law for employers

From employment contracts to global mobility, and from corporate restructuring to pensions law, our firms' legal expertise spans the full range of employment issues.

Employment law

We provide expert advice to employers on the rights of their employees worldwide.

  • Individual employment relationships
  • Collective labour relations
  • European social law

Human resources tax law

  • identification of professional status
  • social benefits
  • granting of benefits


Covers a wide range of employment law disputes, such as labour disputes, social security disputes, etc.

Social security law

  • Corporate advice on old-age pensions
  • Our lawyers assist and represent employers

Social audits ("Due diligences")

CASTEGNARO-Ius laboris Luxembourg has an extensive practice in the field of social audits ("due diligences"), particularly in the event of company transfers

Supplementary pensions

We work with you to ensure that everything is in place for an excellent working relationship with all your employees.

  • Pension plan
  • Contribution plan
  • Taxation of supplementary pensions
  • Inherent obligations
  • Information obligations
  • International pension plan
  • Fate of a pension plan

Protection of employees personal data

The firm advises and assists its clients in the application of European and Luxembourg regulations concerning the surveillance of employees in the workplace and the procedures to be followed for the protection of employees' personal data.

  • GDPR compliance
  • Data privacy policies
  • Data breaches
  • Social media policies
  • International data transfers
  • Employee tracking

Immigration & Detachment

We can help you send your employees on international secondment and ensure that all tax and social security arrangements are taken care of.

  • Temporary and permanent residence permits
  • Work permits
  • Visa authorisations
  • Procedure for declaring secondment to Luxembourg
  • Obligations of posting companies
  • Obligations of host companies
  • Litigation rules